Out with the old, in with the new, part deux

Totaly unrelated to the first article, I figured this title would cover the load of this articale as well (that and a complete lack of imagination).

As i'm still in the process of cleaning up/reorganising my house, I finally got around to a project that has been waiting for quite some time..

In a big plastic box, covered in a layers and layers of dust, acummulated over the years, and mostly resulting of some major construction work on my home,  I found a load of my old CD's and DVD's.  Most of them contain applications, music and movies.

At the time it seemed like a good idea to burn all your downloads onto optical mediums. The time I'm talking about is probably around 10 years ago. As I cant even remember burning a CD in the last years, except sporadicaly for booting up some exotic machine that didnt support usb booting yet.

Back in the old days, harddrives where expensive. The price per gigabyte was soo high, it actually justified buying optical media, spending the time to burn the data and all the time you spent organising your digital collection.

Now 10 years later, It seems like a good idea to get rid off all this space absorbing plastic based storage.

If you calculate the price of an empty dvd, the price per gigabyte is around 0,50EUR  per gigabyte. For that same money you can buy a samsung pro SSD.

For a factor 10 less, you can buy 3 or 4 TB harddrives, so why would someone that is sane in the head still use optical media as storage ?

Nowadays it is much cheaper to store your data on (perhaps external) harddrives. Next to the price factor, one also has to take into account the other advantages: easier organisation (you can put loads of ISO images on 1 harddrive), less occupied shelve space, harddrives that are stored well have a much longer lifespan than optical media (that is also a very good reason to backup your old optical disks now: after 5-10 years, many cheaper media will not be able to be read correctly anymore, and you will lose data. This will not happen to your harddrive, under normal conditions. (I am talking here abou using the harddrive as a backup for your data, not permanently storing your data on your live harddrive, that is kind of like playing russian roulette with your data)..

Therefore the conclusion: out with the old dvds, buy a nice big 4TB harddrive, start backing up those disks to your brand new super cheap per gigabyte storage, and you will soon have a sea of space in your closet.

The only thing one might regret, is all the time spent burning the data to optical media in the first place, and the time you are spending now to put it all back onto harddrive..

As it is with the many joys of life: If only I had known back then what i know now;)

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