Out with the old, in with the new

Hi all,

First of all the good news : I have a new job !

I'm currently working for a new innovative Belgian company, AllPhi, which is working closely together with specialised .NET consultants.
They made me a very nice offer, which I could not resist, which made me decide to take another turn in my carreer, and become a full time .NET developer again.

On another note, tt's been quite busy lately for me, as you may or may not know, for the last 9 months I've been working a sys admin job at a college, the construnctions on my home haven't stopped since last year (pictures may follow later), and recently, I've also been working as a web developer in my off hours.

So, as you can see, sadly there hasnt been as much time as I wanted to update the website on the projects I've been working on and other intresting topics.

On the other hand, since I'm working full time as a developer again, I'll try to keep my developement work documented through this site :) Keep in mind this may not be as easy as it sounds when you're a single man living on your own, working full time, sometimes very late hours and renovating a house.

Sometimes a guy also just needs a lazy sunday ! But hey, lazy sunday may as well be used to update the blog, no ? :-)

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