Clouds clouds clouds everywhere

On a heavely cloudy day like today, you may be wondering, with the recent cloud hype, and all those new cloud services rising out of the ground like mushrooms after a rainy day, which would be the best location to store my personal or my customers data ?

Do you want your data stored on Microsoft Skydrive, which is hosted in the US, knowing your data can be seized by the governement at any random point in time under the so called "Patriot Act" ? Do you still have faith in Google, knowing they allready have your internet search history, a big portion of your online payment info, the locations reported by all your mobile Android devices, etc... since the recent changes to their privary policy ?

Or do you also prefer a European based host to store your customers data ? Currently, European laws make much more sense when it comes to storing your data as a company.

If you can't see the trees through the cloudy forest anymore, and you are looking for a affordable and reliable hosting we may just have a perfect solution for you.

Stay tuned for more info !

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