Out with the old, in with the new, part deux


Totaly unrelated to the first article, I figured this title would cover the load of this articale as well (that and a complete lack of imagination).

As i'm still in the process of cleaning up/reorganising my house, I finally got around to a project that has been waiting for quite some time..

In a big plastic box, covered in a layers and layers of dust, acummulated over the years, and mostly resulting of some major construction work on my home,  I found a load of my old CD's and DVD's.  Most of them contain applications, music and movies.

At the time it seemed like a good idea to burn all your downloads onto optical mediums. The time I'm talking about is probably around 10 years ago. As I cant even remember burning a CD in the last years, except sporadicaly for booting up some exotic machine that didnt support usb booting yet.

Back in the old days, harddrives where expensive. The price per gigabyte was soo high, it actually justified buying optical media, spending the time to burn the data and all the time you spent organising your digital collection.

Now 10 years later, It seems like a good idea to get rid off all this space absorbing plastic based storage.

If you calculate the price of an empty dvd, the price per gigabyte is around 0,50EUR  per gigabyte. For that same money you can buy a samsung pro SSD.

For a factor 10 less, you can buy 3 or 4 TB harddrives, so why would someone that is sane in the head still use optical media as storage ?

Nowadays it is much cheaper to store your data on (perhaps external) harddrives. Next to the price factor, one also has to take into account the other advantages: easier organisation (you can put loads of ISO images on 1 harddrive), less occupied shelve space, harddrives that are stored well have a much longer lifespan than optical media (that is also a very good reason to backup your old optical disks now: after 5-10 years, many cheaper media will not be able to be read correctly anymore, and you will lose data. This will not happen to your harddrive, under normal conditions. (I am talking here abou using the harddrive as a backup for your data, not permanently storing your data on your live harddrive, that is kind of like playing russian roulette with your data)..

Therefore the conclusion: out with the old dvds, buy a nice big 4TB harddrive, start backing up those disks to your brand new super cheap per gigabyte storage, and you will soon have a sea of space in your closet.

The only thing one might regret, is all the time spent burning the data to optical media in the first place, and the time you are spending now to put it all back onto harddrive..

As it is with the many joys of life: If only I had known back then what i know now;)

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Clouds clouds clouds everywhere


On a heavely cloudy day like today, you may be wondering, with the recent cloud hype, and all those new cloud services rising out of the ground like mushrooms after a rainy day, which would be the best location to store my personal or my customers data ?

Do you want your data stored on Microsoft Skydrive, which is hosted in the US, knowing your data can be seized by the governement at any random point in time under the so called "Patriot Act" ? Do you still have faith in Google, knowing they allready have your internet search history, a big portion of your online payment info, the locations reported by all your mobile Android devices, etc... since the recent changes to their privary policy ?

Or do you also prefer a European based host to store your customers data ? Currently, European laws make much more sense when it comes to storing your data as a company.

If you can't see the trees through the cloudy forest anymore, and you are looking for a affordable and reliable hosting we may just have a perfect solution for you.

Stay tuned for more info !

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Out with the old, in with the new


First of all the good news : I have a new job !

I'm currently working for a new innovative Belgian company, AllPhi, which is working closely together with specialised .NET consultants.
They made me a very nice offer, which I could not resist, which made me decide to take another turn in my carreer, and become a full time .NET developer again.


On another note, tt's been quite busy lately for me, as you may or may not know, for the last 9 months I've been working a sys admin job at a college, the construnctions on my home haven't stopped since last year (pictures may follow later), and recently, I've also been working as a web developer in my off hours.

So, as you can see, sadly there hasnt been as much time as I wanted to update the website on the projects I've been working on and other intresting topics.

On the other hand, since I'm working full time as a developer again, I'll try to keep my developement work documented through this site :) Keep in mind this may not be as easy as it sounds when you're a single man living on your own, working full time, sometimes very late hours and renovating a house.

Sometimes a guy also just needs a lazy sunday ! But hey, lazy sunday may as well be used to update the blog, no ? :-)

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Curriculum Vitae updated


After some heavy drilling and polishing work (and abusing numerous innocent squirrels), the new version of my CV is now available online.

On a more serious note, potential employers can now click through to the skills page to obtain a digital copy of my CV. On request there also is an English version available now. More details can also be requested through the contact form.

PS: no real squirrels were harmed during the making of this document.

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Quake 2 map preview : Power Surge

See the video for some work in progress :)

Enjoy another preview of Q2VDM3 through Q2VDM6, 4 smaller arena type Q2 maps.

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A short preview

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Hello ? Anyone there ?

Site updates have been going pretty slow as you might have noticed by now. And there's a good reason for that also. Last month I've been working on some old projects and files I had buried somewhere far far away on some of the darkest sectors of my fileserver's raid array. Files so old, the dust came off when I first opened them after all those years. I even didn't believe it when I saw the files modification dates... 1998... Has it been that long already ?

What am I talking about ? Id Software's Quake II ofcourse. Quake, aka the decades defining first person shooter, is making a steady revival with Quake Live recently going from beta to public. But Quake is more than that. Quake and the idTech engine that has powered it through many generations of revolutionary graphics, John Carmack's brainchild, is also one of the only commercial 3D OpenGL renderer's of which the complete sourcecode has been released to the public. The Quake engine is also one of the best documented and most modded game engine's on the web. Add a well thought through server client model to the mix, and an engine that has a great modabilty, and there you have it:

The perfect base for an open source project. 

Back in the old days, I worked with a small team on a exiting Quake II modding project, called the Voodoo Mod for Quake II. A dark themed Q2 mod which featured some alternate fireing modes, custom textures and some maps and this all in a somewhat voodooish setting. Now with the recent release of Quake Live, I thought it would be a great opportunity to share this project and my custom Q2 maps with the community. 

After a few days off gathering all files related to this project, updating and improving some of the maps I made for it, I figured, hey, why not make it a complete Quake 2 Total Conversion project. Doing some research, I stumbled upon some pretty nice Quake 2 source code ports, like APRQ2, EGL, Berserker and many others. Each of which deserves a review on it's own, but I'm afraid I dont have the time for that ;)

Anyway, after some initial testing of all available source ports, EGL was the one that came out as the best candidate for my project. EGL featured an updated version of the Q2 engine, with some spectacular client side rendering effects and supporting high resolution textures, but still maintaining protocol compatibility. And best off all, EGL seemed to be completely compatible with my voodoo mod client dll. 

So to keep a very long story short, currently I'm working on a stable preview of my standalone Q2 Total Conversion project. I hope this was enough to keep your appetite going for now, I'll be adding some project info and screenshots soon.

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Code highlighting, some early steps

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Hi all. Another small update to the site. This time I'm working on code highlighting, something every serious blog about development cannot go without.

The code sample below comes from my Collada Loader sample, and shows the render void, which is used to draw a 3D model to a DirectX 10 device. Here you can see the code highlighting module in action:

{syntaxhighlighter brush: csharp;clipboard: true;bloggerMode:true;toolbar:true;class-name:'some_class some_other_class';light:false;gutter:true;wraplines:true;title='blablablaa'} public override void Render() { //Enable depth buffering FDevice.OutputMerger.DepthStencilState = FDepthStencilState; //Set input layout and primitive topology FDevice.InputAssembler.SetInputLayout(FLayout); FDevice.InputAssembler.SetPrimitiveTopology(PrimitiveTopology.TriangleList); //Set vertex and index buffers FDevice.InputAssembler.SetVertexBuffers(0, new VertexBufferBinding(FVertexBuffer, PositionColored.SizeInBytes, 0)); FDevice.InputAssembler.SetIndexBuffer(FIndexBuffer, SlimDX.DXGI.Format.R16_UInt, 0); FWorldMatrix = FObjectMatrix * Matrix.Translation(FPosition) * Matrix.Translation(FLocation); FEffectWorldMatrix.SetMatrix(FWorldMatrix); FEffectViewProjectionMatrix.SetMatrix(FView * FProjection); //Apply Shader pass(es) FPass.Apply(); //Draw the mesh FDevice.DrawIndexed(FIndexCount, 0, 0); } {/syntaxhighlighter}

Note you can double click the code sample to select the code and copy it into your clipboard.
I'm still working on integrating the code highlighting with the [code] tags, so users can also post highlighted code in comments and forum topics. I hope to get this done very soon.

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Internet Explorer 9, a new era ?


Internet explorer 9, is it more than just another installment in the IE series, or the beginning of a new future in web browsing ?


In this technical review article I will try to cover some observations I made concerning the IE9 Platform preview and try to give a personal opinion on this matter. The article also features some cross browser test result, how IE9 compares to them, and what this means. Furthermore the article also goes into the current state of the IE9 platform preview and shows some of the rendering errors compared to IE8. I also give a personal opinion on the HTML5 standard and how it might influence the future of webdesign.

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Movin' the shack

As the title reads, I moved my little development shack to a more professional and robust web host.

The sourceforge project hosting has been a good temporary webhost, and I sure would like to thank them for their great community service, but in reality it's just too slow and rigid for my purpose. Therefore I moved my site to a more professional host, futureweb.be, which has shown me a very good service and great support.

This has multiple advantages:

  • I can host larger files on my webspace that are not directly project related
  • Better download speeds
  • More configurable webserver
  • Less downtime

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